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Logosol Wood Drying Unit (WDU)


Logosol Sauno Wood Drying Unit

Upgraded and improved Sauno drying unit of 2 kW, with powerful fan action for air circulation in your drying chamber. The unit also has an integrated air intake that draws air into the dryer by means of the underpressure formed in the air stream. The dry and cold outside air is mixed with the heated, moist air in the Sauno drying unit before reaching the wood in the chamber. These are features that give a more uniform and controlled drying result.

The Logosol WDU is a drying unit intended for installation through the wall of a drying chamber and for drying wood that is clean from sawdust and dirt. The WDU generates heat and sets the air in the chamber in motion to reach a uniform drying result and minimize cracking and movement in the wood. The machine consists of a centrifugal fan that blows out the air through an electrical heater, and an air inlet that mixes cold outside air with the heated air stream. The fan runs continuously while the WDU is switched on. The heater is controlled by a thermostat, which measures the temperature of the circulating air, and is adjusted from the outside of the drying chamber. The WDU raises the temperature of the circulating air with approx. 25 degrees C when the heater is activated. In addition to the thermostat, the WDU has an overheating protection that turns off the WDU if the temperature gets too high. MACHINE DESCRIPTION The Logosol WDU must be installed in an insulated drying chamber with a volume of at least 1 m3 and max. 4 m3 , and with these minimum dimensions: L: 2 m, W: 0.5 m, H: 1 m. Install the WDU through the short side of the chamber. • The wood that is to be dried must not be placed closer to the WDU than 0.3 m. • The wood should have a thickness of at least 10 mm and be securely stacked in the chamber. • The drying chamber should be made of a material that that can withstand at least 80 degrees C. • It is optional to use the air inlet of the drying unit (A6), the purpose of which is to increase circulation in the chamber. • The drying chamber should always have a thermometer that can be read from the outside and that have a temperature sensor on the inside. • The drying chamber should have a valve to let out moist air. THERMOMETER Use an oven thermometer or the like that can withstand temperatures above 100 degrees C. Check the thermometer by immersing the sensor in boiling water. The thermometer should then read approx. 100 degrees C. The sensor of the thermometer should be placed on the short side opposite to the WDU in the chamber, and at a height of 0.5 m above the chamber floor.