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Tormek Grinding Jig for Planing Knives


Always sharp knives!

Now you can always plane and mould with really sharp knives! The Tormek T-7 Logosol Edition is a complete sharpening station with great capacity and precision. It is specially equipped with the Tormek Blackstone grindstone, for quicker sharpening. Included are all standard T-7 accessories, such as a jig for chisels and plane blades, truing tool for the stone, stone grader, angle measurer, a DVD and a handbook on sharpening. The jigs for sharpening planing and moulding knives are also included.

Always inlcuded:

1. Blackstone grindstone

2. Jig for planing knives

3. Jig for moulding knives

4. Jig for straight edges