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Logosol PH260 PRO | Four Sided | Planer/Moulder | Three Phase | Variable speed rate


The PH260 - Precision, Power, and Capacity

This Industrial Quality Planer/Moulder can Transform Your Operation



Planes and moulds all four sides in one single operation.

With the PH260 you can take sawn lumber and simply turn it into a profitable finished product. The PH260 planes and moulds 4 sides at once. You can quickly and easily produce all imaginable standard and custom-made mouldings (t&g, ship lap, casings, crowns etc). As it is easy to reset the cutters, the PH260 is also perfect for short customized series.

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Superior Finish

The quality you get with a board that is machined in Logosol’s planer/moulder equals the quality by any other machine on the market. Other than the very high cost associated with other machines that produce high-end finished products, the only other difference is speed. While some other machines are faster, the 1200+ linear feet per hour (400 m/hour) that the PH260 produces is more than capable of keeping up with your highest demand jobs.


The PH260 is different from traditional multi-cutter planers due to the top cutter and bottom cutter being suspended on both ends of the cutter shaft. Due to this, the machine is extremely stable, even though it has considerably wider cutters than most large planer/moulders. The machine table, where the bottom cutter and the side cutters are fitted, is made of heavy cast iron. The machine chassis is made of 5/32” (4 mm) sheet steel.

Produce Deep Mouldings

Our cutters can handle sizeable depths. This makes it possible to cut deep and beautiful patterns. The top cutter can plane to a depth of 5/16” (8 mm), plus the moulding depth, in one single operation, and the side cutters can cut even deeper.

A Wide Range of Mouldings

The PH260 can handle everything from quarter round to wide plank t&g flooring. You can choose from a wide range of standard moulding knives or order your own custom-made knives.

Adaptable to Other Cutter Heads

When delivered, the planer/moulder is ready for 4-side planing. It is set up with HSS planing knives in the top and bottom cutters, and 2” (50 mm) HSS planing knives in the side cutters. The 1 3/16” (30 mm) spindle diameter of the side cutters enables you to choose from a number of other specialized cutter systems that are available on the market today. Spacers shipped with the PH260 will adapt the side spindles to accept 1 ¼” shaper heads.

Our Customers

Many of our customers only have their PH260 for personal use. Even more of them combine this with selling the finished products or offering subcontract work on a limited scale. It does not require many hours of paid planing/moulding per year to cover the annual cost of a PH260. The largest customer group consists of small businesses in the wood processing field.