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Logosol DH410 (Model 2) Starter package


A reliable planer with a width of 410 mm

Logosol DH410 has a lot in common with our PH260. The machine is built on the same principles and most of its components are the same as PH260’s, which means that it is a very sturdy machine with a cast-iron machine table and separate motors for each cutter and the feeder. Both the machines also have the same type of knives and cutter heads.

The difference is that DH410 works with two cutters instead of four. Four-sided planing is made by running the board twice through the machine, while you only machine the board once when planing and dimensioning two sides up to a width of 310 mm (12 1/4") and a height of 100 mm (3 15/16").

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Improvements model 2

New design!

Extended machine table

Better in-feed guidance

Easier adjustment of fences

Chip outlet for top cutter, 125 mm in diameter, new design

20 mm profile depth, top cutter

Stronger bearing in top cutter

Ready to start includes

Moulding knife package