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Laks Frame Saw 15Kw (POA)


Traditional sawing using new technique


The efficiency and the operational reliability of Logosol Laks frame saw make it belong in a class by itself. For 20 years the frame saw has become more and more improved, not by adding more technology and more smart functions, but by making small adjustments of the frame angle, the flywheel and the mechanical feeding. This has rather led to the machine becoming more genuine.

The heart in the frame saw is the frame with up to twenty sawblades that are pulled up and down with a balanced flywheel as a counterweight. The frame, the flywheel and the mechanical feeding work in perfect harmony, and this can be observed when it is sawing. The sound level is low and reminds of a puffing steam locomotive.

Timber cants are the raw material

Many small-scale sawyers who today use a circular sawmill, a band sawmill or a Logosol Sawmill can reach industrial capacity with the help of the Logosol-Laks frame saw. The logs should be sawn on two sides before they are fed into the Logosol-Laks frame saw so that the lumber is edged before it is cut into boards. This gives a controlled process and minimal handling of the lumber. Without ado the cants are turned into sawn products.

Pleasant on the working site

The sawmill work site is neat and tidy. What little sawdust that comes from the thin blades, is transported away by a relatively small sawdust extractor. 

The frame saw is seldom the bottleneck

The Logosol-Laks frame saw relentlessly works away, without interruption or trouble, hour after hour. To keep it working, the sawn boards have to be carried away, and a new cant has to be sawn within only a few minutes. In practice, the Logosol-Laks frame saw is, despite the low feed rate, in almost every case the quickest on the working site.

The blades are replaced quickly

After 8-10 hours of operation, or after about 100 logs, the tungsten-carbide toothed sawblades have to be removed from the frame and then sharpened with the sharpening machine that always comes with the Logosol Laks frame saw. The blades are mounted in fixed positions in a comb-shaped holder. This is an excellent system, which makes replacing blades a quick operation and ensures that the blades always come in exactly correct position. The entire procedure takes less than 20 minutes.

Environmentally friendly and economical all over the world

All Logosol-Laks are powered by an 11 kW (15 hp) electric three-phase motor. If you do not have access to electricity, all the models can be run by a 17 kW (23 hp), environmentally friendly combustion engine. Here we have maybe the world’s highest capacity per used energy mass; around 500 meters/litre (6300 linear feet/gallon) of fuel or, with electricity, 100 meters/kWh (328 linear feet/kWh). That this is environmentally friendly is obvious. In addition, it does not require any extraordinary installations or fuses. For some people this is just a matter of saving money, but in many places around the world it is a prerequisite.

Invest in a profitable frame saw

Overall, this is a good investment both in the short and the long run. The Logosol-Laks frame saw is cheap to install and high producing from the first moment. Due to its sturdy design and smooth operation, it does not offer many surprises. The Logosol-Laks frame saw will work reliably and keep its value for decades. It always feels safe with well-tried technology.



Technical Data


Dimensional accuracy:

Feed rate:

Max. number of blades:

Min. distance between sawblades:

Max. production/hour:

Frame motions:


Serviceable time before sharpening:

Machine length:

Machine width:

Machine height:

Electric motor:

Power connection:

Sharpening machine for blades:


+/- 0.5 mm (1/32")

0.6 m/min. (2.0 ft/min.)


16 mm (11/16")

3.4 m3 (120 cubic feet) Depending on setup. *

260 mm (10 1/4")

1100 kg (2425 lbs)

8–10 hours

9.0 m (29.5 ft)

1.2 m (3.9 ft)

2.2 m (7.2 ft)

11,0 kW (15 hp)

25 A



*) Example of capacity: If the frame saw is equipped with 12 sawblades and you are going to produce 25 mm (1") thick boards from a 300 mm (12") wide cant, it is possible to place two cants, of which one is 100 mm (4") and the other 50 mm (2") high, on top of each other. This way you get the capacity to cut almost 1000 meter/hour (3300 linear feet) per hour.

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